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Applying Patterns to Software Testing

These pages are the work of people interested in applying the ideas of patterns to software testing. They also describe the Patterns of Software Testing (PoST) workshops. These workshops are similar to, and attendance overlaps with, the PLoP conferences (PLoP, ChiliPLoP, EuroPLoP, KoalaPLoP).

Learning about patterns and the patterns community
Testing patterns (from earlier workshops and elsewhere)

STARWest Workshop, October 30, 2001
PoST 3, August 26-27, 2001
PoST 2, April 11-13, 2001
PoST 1, January 3-5, 2001

Why patterns?

Patterns are a way of helping people who design things. They were formalized by the architect Christopher Alexander. When done well, patterns accomplish at least three things:

  1. They provide a vocabulary for problem-solvers. "Hey, you know, we should use a Null Object."
  2. They focus attention on the forces behind a problem. That allows designers to better understand when and why a solution applies.
  3. They encourage iterative thinking. Each solution creates a new context in which new problems can be solved.

Why test patterns?

We believe that testers lack a useful vocabulary, are hampered by rigid "one size fits all" methodologies, and face many problems whose solutions are underdescribed in the literature. Patterns can help with all of those things.

Moreover, the community of pattern writers is a healthy one that regularly spawns new and useful ideas. We testers should link up with it, and we might find its style of work useful as we look for new ideas.

What happens at the workshops?

  1. We read (or "workshop") patterns to help their authors better express and understand them. This is an essential community-building activity.
  2. We write patterns, individually or in pairs.
  3. We talk about patterns. And other things.

Who should get credit?

PoST workshops have been sponsored by Rational and the Florida Institute of Technology.

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