Propaganda: stickers and posters

The following two stickers are free for the asking. I put them on my laptop. Under heavy wear and tear (in and out of a backpack at least once a day), the ink begins to wear off after a couple of months. The stickers can be peeled off, though getting all the glue off takes some effort.

The first sticker is handy to point to when a conversation is getting bogged down in vague abstractions.

The second is my personal goal: a reasonable and honorable one, I think.

I also provide this poster for the asking. It lists the four guiding values I think were left out of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development. See the sidebar for more on those values, or look at my XP Day Toronto 2007 keynote.

The poster is 12x18 inches (30x45 cm).

I also offer this poster: