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Agile Testing

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As one of the authors of the Agile Manifesto, I want to understand how to apply its ideals and principles to software testing. This page represents an early start in that direction.

There's a substantial body of writing about Agile Development (see below). No such body has yet coalesced for testing. But things are coming along:

Changing web resources

The Agile Testing mailing list. You can subscribe by sending mail to agile-testing-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

The Agile Alliance Library, which has many articles about testing.

A glob o' blogs, many of which can be found in my blog's blogroll. (Scroll down and look at the right column.)


Testing Extreme Programming, by Lisa Crispin and Tip House.

Lessons Learned in Software Testing, by Cem Kaner, James Bach and Bret Pettichord. See also the associated web site: http://www.testinglessons.com/.

Articles on the web

This first set of articles leans toward what I call a team support style of testing.

"Agile Methods and Agile Testing", by Brian Marick.

"Agile Testing Directions", by Brian Marick. This is a series of postings in a blog largely devoted to agile testing. The specific entries are:

Tests and examples
Technology-facing programmer support
Business-facing team support
Business-facing product critiques
Technology-facing product critiques
Testers on agile projects

"Carefree Highway: How an XP Tester Can Drive Success", by Lisa Crispin.

"Exploratory Testing and the Planning Myth", by James Bach.

"A Framework for Good Enough Testing", by James Bach.

"Planning and Running an XP Iteration", by Cara Taber and Martin Fowler.

"Roadmap for Agile Testing 2004", by Brian Marick.

"Test Infected: Programmers Love Writing Tests", by Kent Beck and Erich Gamma.

"Testers and Developers Think Differently", by Bret Pettichord.

"Using Customer Tests to Drive Development", by Lisa Crispin.

"What You Don't Know May Help You", by Bret Pettichord.

"Working Effectively With Developers", by Brian Marick.

"XP Testing Without XP: Taking Advantage of Agile Testing Practices", by Lisa Crispin.

This next set leans toward the style of testing that critiques a product.

"Better Testing, Worse Quality", by Elisabeth Hendrickson.

"Bug Advocacy", by Cem Kaner.

"Heuristic Risk-based Testing", by James Bach.

"A Manager's Guide to Evaluating Test Suites", by Brian Marick, James Bach, and Cem Kaner.

"Negotiating Testing Resources: A Collaborative Approach", by Cem Kaner.

"New Models for Test Development", by Brian Marick.

"The Testing Team's Motto", by Brian Marick.

"What is Exploratory Testing?" by James Bach.

Links to various articles on exploratory testing by diverse authors.

Agile methods in general

The Agile Alliance web site: www.agilealliance.org

"The New Methodology", by Martin Fowler

Specific development methods

Adaptive Software Development

Adaptive Software Development: A Collaborative Approach to Managing Complex Systems, by James A. Highsmith III



Agile Software Development, by Alistair Cockburn. Drafts available here: http://members.aol.com/humansandt/crystal/game/getasddraft.htm

Dynamic Systems Development Method

Dynamic Systems Development Method, by Jennifer Stapleton


eXtreme Programming

eXtreme Programming Explained: Embrace Change, by Kent Beck

eXtreme Programming Installed, by Ron Jeffries, Ann Anderson, and Chet Hendrickson

Planning eXtreme Programming, by Kent Beck and Martin Fowler


Feature Driven Development

See chapter 6 of Java Modeling in Color with UML: Enterprise Components and Process, by Peter Coad, Eric Lefebvre, and Jeff De Luca, which can be found online. See also the July 2000 issue of the "Coad Letter".


Scrum - Agile Software Development, by Ken Schwaber and Mike Beedle





The above list was created soon after the Agile Alliance workshop. Here are some more that have been brought to my attention.

Agile Modeling


Agile Database Techniques






Agile Testing

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