A Cyndicate+EagleFiler workflow

I’ve earlier mentioned that I’ve started using EagleFiler, an organizational/searching tool. Its author announced a bundle with Cyndicate, a newsreader, so I’ve started using that. It seems to fit my newsreading habits better than either NetNewsWire (2.x) or Safari. (Note: I haven’t used NetNewsWire 3.x).

Here’s a workflow (click for larger screen shots). I’m reading the last day’s news, and I see this:

A newsreader

The article describes a tool I can easily imagine using someday, so I hit F1 to save it in EagleFiler. That happens behind the scenes. Later, I might vaguely remember there was some posting somewhere about making a diagram of your model classes. In EagleFiler, I search for “model diagram rails”, and I find the saved web archive:

Saved web archive

(I get a more exact match if I remember the article mentions ‘dot(1)‘ or OmniGraffle. I’ll also get a more exact match once I process my unfiled entries and add some tags.)

I mention this now because the promotional bundle lasts only two more days.

(I have no affiliation with either company, except that I read Michael Tsai’s blog.)

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