A sticker

Here’s a draft of a sticker for Artisanal Retro-Futurism ⊗ Team-Scale Anarcho-Syndicalism:

And here’s my unpacking:

  • The sticker will be 3×5 inches, the size of the index cards often used in Agile. That connects with the “old-fashioned tools and techniques” part of “artisanal”.

  • The background is the anarcho-syndicalist flag, with the colors reversed as a reminder that we’re talking about team-scale anarcho-syndicalism, not the original.

  • The crude brushwork might remind one of an anarchist hastily spray-painting a symbol or slogan on a wall.

  • The word “artisanal” is often associated with foodstuffs. Like artisanal cheeses. Therefore, “artisanal” is represented by a cheese wheel.

  • The rotating wheel space station has been a staple of science fiction and futurism for over a century. As such, it is a nice symbol for retro-futurism. Although a jet pack, rocket ship, flying car, or some humongous building with elevated walkways would be more recognizably retro-futurist, the shape of the space station echoes the cheese wheel and so ties “artisanal” and “retro-futurism” together.

I desperately need someone to take this concept to four-color art I can have printed as stickers. I could also use someone to produce a “camera-ready” image that I can use to produce posters like the ones I’ve already made. If you can do that, contact me.

5 Responses to “A sticker”

  1. Tom Macklin Says:

    Is their anything behind the correlation between your revelation regarding ARFxTSAS and your recent success w/ weight loss?

  2. Brian Marick Says:

    Rumors that they’re both due to amphetamine abuse are false.

  3. Tom Macklin Says:

    Maybe it’s the ruby

  4. Mark Knell Says:

    What if the rumors become bold pronouncements? Truer? Just a little true?

    FYI, when I saw the space station, I thought it was a steam valve, or one of those wheels on bulkhead doors that get shut after the torpedo. How about a parabolic dish on there somewhere? Then it would look like a steam valve that listens to XM radio.

  5. Steve McGee Says:

    I thought the space wheel was a spool, like a movie reel. But I like the idea that the symbols inspire curiosity, and maybe a discussion about what it all means.

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