Distance collaboration: What makes it successful? (Talk near Chicago)

Judy Olson (University of California, Irvine) will be presenting a colloquium entitled “Distance Collaboration: What makes it successful?” on Thursday, May 21st at 4 pm. The colloquium will be held at Frances Searle 2-370.

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Judy Olson

Many organizations, many sciences, and many of us have collaborations with people who are not nearby. We and they use various technologies like shared files, email, blogs, instant messenger…to support their work. Some of these collaborations work; others do not. What makes them succeed? We have collected data from 200 collaboratories, deep data from about 30, plus data from 20 sites in corporations, to determine what makes the collaborations work, what makes them fail. I will review this line of work and describe the factors that are apparently most important in both science and corporate long-distance work. All of us may benefit in learning these factors to ensure that our own distance collaborations succeed.

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