Portland OR trip coming up

From June 16 to ??, I’ll be in Portland to work on Travels in Software. If you’re a person I should interview, mail me.

I’m also interested in observing teams who do something well that they’d like to show off. Since I learn best by doing, I’ll pitch in if I’d be useful. I’d be happy to pair with people, following in Corey Haines’ footsteps.

If you’d like to look at my RubyCocoa tests and help me make them more clear, I’d be grateful. And if people would like to have some sort of Barcamp-ish RubyCocoa/MacRuby get-together, I’m up for that too.

I can also give talks if people’d like. I can repeat the talk I’m doing at Agile Roots or the Mountain West RubyConf talk on test-driving GUI code.

In sum: I’m going to Portland to vacuum up knowledge and skills. If I leave some behind, that’s good too.

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  1. Greg Borenstein Says:

    I’d definitely be down for some kind of RubyCocoa/MacRuby get-together.

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