Looking to hire a programmer for a Chicago startup

Part of the reason I haven’t been posting is because Twitter has taken over my mind, but the main reason is that I’ve had a full-time job working for an education startup in Chicago (an early startup, but with paying customers already).

We’re looking for an experienced programmer interested in working in at least two of the following:

1. An ambitious web frontend (Javascript).
2. A growing number of backend Clojure services.
3. A smaller number of Rails apps that mediate between the two.

Although this isn’t exactly a devops or architecture job, experience with service-oriented architectures (their design, implementation, and tuning) is a plus. Right now, frontend skills are our bottleneck.

This is an agile shop, so we expect people to be dedicated to both keeping the code clean and deploying new features frequently.

“Plays well with others” is very important. So is valuing ease and smoothness of work (as in this essay). Everyone coming in to interview will get a poster:

Work with Ease

We currently have two programmers, a UX person, a product owner, a relationship manager, a salesperson, and a CEO. The product owner is that rare-as-a-unicorn Onsite Customer Who Sits With the Programmers.

Contact me if you’re interested.

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