Marketing mania continues

I decided to make up a poster reminding people of the four underemphasized values. Here it is:

Discipline, Skill, Ease, and Joy

If you would like one, send me mail. They are roughly one foot by two feet (30 by 60 centimeters). If you will be at Agile2007, I’ll bring one there for you to take back. (I’ll also have “An Example Would Be Handy Right About Now” stickers to give out.)

As always, the offer is good until I get tired of going to the Post Office or my inner cheapskate rebels.

I will mail overseas. I’m tickled that the stickers went to Europe, China, Australia, and elsewhere.

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  1. p373 Says:

    I love the posters and stickers… but

    I don’t like the font. The ’s’ to me is hard to read as an ’s’ particularly at the beginning of the word ’skill’, so it looks like ’tilda’ or ’squiggle’ ‘kill’ to me.

    The poster makes me think of the ‘If I had a hammer song’ although obviously we have a wider tool-set than just hammers…

    If I had a bell
    I’d ring it in the morning
    I’d ring it in the evening
    All over this land
    I’d ring out danger
    I’d ring out a warning
    I’d ring out love between my brothers and my sisters

    It’s the hammer of justice
    It’s the bell of freedom
    It’s the song about love between my brothers and my sisters

  2. Ian Says:

    Hey there,

    Thanks for the poster and the Ruby help today. Perhaps I’ll see you around the conference tomorrow.

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